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New Music: Fall Out Boy, “My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light ‘Em Up)”

So my middle school heart almost exploded when the rumors officially became true – Fall Out Boy is back and they have a new song (and tour!) to prove it. After weeks of speculation, the boys have released a brand new song that has further polarized their dedicated fan base. As a lifelong fan (and by life I mean since 6th grade), I was a bit torn when I first heard the track. It’s absolutely NOT the FOB from An Evening Out with Your Girlfriend or Take This to Your Grave. But, then again, that Fall Out Boy died a long time ago. And while that death was sad, it did make ample room for the new and improved From Under the Cork Tree version… which died again when Infinity on High came out. MAKE UP YOUR MIND GUYS.

“My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light ‘Em Up)” is much more reminiscent of Infinity on High and Folie A Deux – pop rock infused with a touch of electronic. Whether you like it or not is your decision, but try not to like it too much – their tour sold out within mere minutes and, unless you have hundreds of dollars to buy a scalped ticket off of StubHub, you won’t be hearing it live anytime soon.

Give it a listen and let me know what you think:

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New Music: Nelly, “Hey Porsche”

I was very recently (as in an hour ago) turned onto this new Nelly song and I almost had a heart attack. Does anyone remember the Nelly that told everyone to take their clothes off because it’s getting “Hot in Herre”? I remember carrying his CD around and telling everyone how I had a huge crush on him. Like… where did he go?!

Why is NO ONE else concerned that he is all of a sudden singing a song that should be sung by Hot Chelle Rae? (If you don’t know who that is, don’t bother Googling them, you will cry.) Yes, it’s catchy. Yes, I have been singing it for an hour. BUT THIS IS NOT NELLY. WHAT IS THIS?!

I don’t know if I want to ask for your opinion because I am nearly heartbroken at what Nelly now is. Check it out… if you dare:

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Beautiful Music: Last Dinosaurs

If you listened to me in my heyday on WTBU (I was a huge campus celebrity, NBD), you know I am a MAJOR fan of Last Dinosaurs. I played their songs “Honolulu” and “Zoom” on endless rotation. If I had my way I would have only played their music half the time. But then I risked losing one of my two listeners, and that just didn’t seem worth it.

The quartet hails from Brisbane, Australia, the land of colossal spiders and really nothing else. Besides Chris Hemsworth. But then I see this (NSFW/NSFL/NOT WORTH IT/SPIDER MONSTER – also credit YouTube user totalstrikegently) and I am reminded that Australia is full of HELL SPAWNS and it clouds my vision.

Either way, if you haven’t heard Last Dinosaurs yet, you are missing out on some amazing music. They are a mix of pop rock, electronic, and magic. Not one song of theirs that has disappointed me yet.

Check them out and let me know what you think:

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The Darkness LIVE at Paradise Rock Club – 1/19/13


Expert photography via iPhone.

One of my wildest dreams came true at one of my favorite venues in Boston a couple weekends ago. I stood in the VIP box at the Paradise as I watched hundreds of people attempt to reach the high notes in The Darkness’ “I Believe in a Thing Called Love.” What, that’s not your wildest dream? Well, you’ve come to the wrong corner of the internet, my friend.

A friend of mine had been begging me to get tickets to see The Darkness ever since she found out they were coming through town. All I could remember about them was their fantastic sense of style and even more fantastic falsettos – obviously, I was sold right away. I was able to procure us a pair of tickets and a (surprise) pair of VIP passes through my super #swaggy connections and off to the show we went. Of course, beforehand, we drank a bottle of wine and a fishbowl. What, you thought I was going into this sober? THIS ISN’T THAT CORNER OF THE INTERNET, FREAK.

We hit the Paradise about an hour before their set, because we are not the people that enjoy jumping around in a sweaty mess of people and spraining our knees before the headliner even comes on. At the box office, I put on my most professional face, pulled out my ID, and said “We’re on some list… I think…” The girl behind the glass was so impressed that she gave me THREE tickets, TWO VIP passes and ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Wait, what?

Well, unfortunately for me, the million dollars were not available at that time. We strolled into the show feeling like those million bucks, though, because WE HAD VIP PASSES! Now what does that get you at The ‘Dise? Well, for this show, it gave us the privilege to stand in the VIP box on the balcony with the best view of the set, and a chance to meet the band afterwards. So many dreams were coming true that night.

Around 10:30, the band strolled onstage in some of the most gorgeous outfits I’d seen outside of fashion magazines. Justin had his signature double-V-down-to-the-crack spandex in a chic prison stripe, and the rest of the band was also there.

Now, when I was heading into this show, I was not expecting showmanship or impressive musical abilities. I was instead expecting loud, shrill high notes and frequent use of the distortion pedal. While my expectations were met, they were also WILDLY surpassed. The Darkness put on one of the most spectacular shows I’ve seen in a very long time. Strangely enough, I could actually feel the passion in Justin’s voice as he sang “Friday Night” (Lyric sample – “I used to sit next to you in school… We indulged in all the extracurricular activities.” WAT).

The crowd went wild the second the band came on. I genuinely felt like I had been teleported back twenty years and was watching Poison come onstage in Vegas. The screams were THAT high. Right off the bat, they jumped into “Every Inch of You” off their newest album, Hot Cakes. Although I am not a true Darkness fan and had not listened to the new album before that night, I swore to myself that I would learn every word after that performance. Still working on that.

Notable parts in the night came when Justin pulled a fan out of the front row and had him dance on the stage during the set. If you look really closely in the EXPERTLY TAKEN PHOTO ABOVE, you can see a fan dancing on the drum stand. I was so jelly I was jam.

The most important part of the night, however, came at the very end of the show. After the band came back for encore, I was feeling a bit miffed that they hadn’t played “Love on the Rocks with No Ice,” which I believe is their very best song. Halfway through, Justin jumped on the shoulders of Cody, a fan with whom he made an intimate connection throughout the show, and RODE HIM THROUGH THE AUDIENCE. He literally rode him. He told him where to go and when to stop. He also had him sing “Love On the Rocks.” I was so jelly that I had officially turned into marmalade at that point. He then proceeded to climb UP TO THE BALCONY, JUMP OFF, CLIMB UP A POLE, CROWD SURF, and finally make it back to the stage to finish the last chorus of the song. Video evidence can be found here. (Credit to YouTube user jasonkorolenko). If you weren’t enthralled when watching that, you are not a human being. My apologies.

After the show ended, we stood around for about thirty minutes while the band “took showers.” Since we were 21 year old girls and definitely the youngest people at the show that night, we decided we no longer wanted to be skeeved on and left without meeting the band. Also, my knees were throbbing from standing up. Yes, I am an old woman. (Contradictions.)

So, the moral of this very LONG story is, if The Darkness ever comes through your city, you MUST see them. They are fantastic showmen, and weirdly, better musicians. Check out their new album Hot Cakes by clicking here.  Your face will melt from the rock.

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